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ACTION The moving parts that load, fire, and eject the shell or cartridge
AMMUNITION More commonly called bullets. What you load into the firearm to shoot
ARROWHEAD Tip of the arrow. This portion is what penetrates the animal first
ATV All Terrain Vehicle. More commonly called a four-wheeler
BARREL The metal tube that the bullet travels through when the gun is fired
BUCK Adult male deer
BUTT Flat part of Stock that comes in contact with the shoulder
CHAMBER Part of the firing mechanism that the projectile travels out of the gun
CREST Part of the arrow shaft that is closest to the fletching
CROSS-BOLT SAFETY A push button bar that blocks the trigger from firing
CYLINDER Part of the handgun that holds the ammunition before firing
DOE A female adult deer
DRYFIRE Shooting a bow without an arrow
FAWN Male or female baby deer
FLETCHING Feathers on arrow to help guide its flight
GRIP Portion of gun or bow where you put your hands
HALF-COCK SAFETY Positioning the hammer at half position to prevent firing
HAMMER Part of the firing mechanism that strikes the end of the ammunition, igniting the charge
HANDGUN Firearm that only requires a one-handed firing
HAUL LINE Rope used to transport weapon from ground to tree stand
HEN Female turkey
HUNTER ORANGE Bright orange clothing worn to keep you from being shot at in the woods
LIMBS Wooden/synthetic portions of bow that attach to the riser. They bend when bow is drawn back to fire
MAGAZINE Removable cylinder used for holding the ammunition
MUZZLE End of the shotgun barrel
MUZZLELOADER Any firearm into which the projectile is loaded from the muzzle of the gun
NOCK Small cut out end of arrow where the string is positioned before firing
PIVOT A special lever that blocks the trigger or firing pin
RECEIVER Part of a firearm that houses the operating parts (trigger and safety)
REST Portion of bow riser where the arrow sits before being shot
RIB Part on the top of a shot gun, mainly used to remove heat from the firearm to avoid warping. It is also effectve for sighting
RIFLE A gun with a long barrel that is fired from the shoulder. Spiral grooves inside the barrel make the bullet spin, improving its accuracy over a long distance.
SAFETY Device used to not allow the firearm to discharge.
SCAT Animal droppings or poop
SHAFT Longest portion of the arrow between the arrowhead and crest
SHOTGUN A short-range smoothbore gun that discharges a load of small pellets
SIGHT A device on top of the weapon used to line up with your desired target.
SLIDE SAFETY A slide bar that blocks the firing action
STOCK The handle of the firearm
STRING Thin cord attaching the top and bottom of the bow limbs.
TOM Male turkey
TRIGGER Small device used to activate the firing mechanism of the weapon. when pulled your firearm will discharge.
ZONE OF FIRE A safe area in front of the hunter where they can safely shoot