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Hunter Ed Edward McDuff III (Hunter Ed) has been hunting for much of his life. He first began hunting with his dad at the age of six. Hunting ethics have been a big part of his life, and he tries very hard to keep those ethics. Ed is easily persuaded by other people and that usually gets him into trouble. He currently works at TSI, a local parts manufacturer for the hunting industry. When he is not at work, he enjoys fishing, hunting and riding his ATV. Ed and his wife, Edna, have been living in Huntsville for over 8 years, and they like to go camping together on the weekends.
Gus Gunderson Gus Gunderson is a lifelong friend of Ed. Since they were in grade school, Gus has been leading Ed down the wrong path. Disrespect and selfishness characterize Gus. Gus was always taught "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." However, he now lives with a new motto; "Do unto others, before they can do it to you." He is middle-aged, single, and just recently moved out from his mother's house. His character flaws follow him into the hunting world as well as his business, Gus's Bait N Tackle. Gus once sold an ATV to a 90 year old woman. It had to be push started. It was his best sale ever.
Buddy Buck When Ed was in his early years of hunting, he first came across Buddy Buck. Ed was excited at the chance to take down this big buck; however, Ed realized that Buddy was hurt and had compassion on him. Instead of shooting Buddy, Ed nursed him back to health, and a new friendship was born. Buddy is always trying to protect the other animals around by foiling Ed's hunting plans. From stealing Ed's arrows to replacing bullets with bear droppings, Buddy is always on the top of his game. His slick reactions and cleaver antics are always frustrating Ed; however, if Ed were ever in trouble, Buddy would be there to rescue his friend.
Conservation Officer Owens Conservation Officer John Owens has been working for the DNR for over a decade. His kindness and valor have earned him the nickname, "Gentle John." If there is ever a problem, Officer Owens is there to enforce fair and meaningful justice. He has had many run-ins with Ed and Gus over the years, mainly because of Gus. Officer Owens has a great love for nature and art. When John is not keeping the woods of Huntsville safe, he can be found volunteering at the local art museum or leading a DARE Program. He is a great model of public protector and community advocate.